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The Digital Economy and Education: Changing the Paradigm
24 May 2018

The transformation of the workplace and education predicated by the development of the digital economy require a revision of the relationship between companies and educational organizations and the establishment of new forms of interaction. These changes are largely linked to the need to address employee displacement and adaptation to new work environments, and they are the source of the shifts taking place in higher education systems worldwide. The new landscape that is taking shape is based on broad public interaction globally, current socioeconomic needs, and the career-related behaviour of talent. Against this background, network-based interaction between education providers and multinational companies is changing fundamentally, resulting in the emergence of new institutions. How will relationships between companies and education institutions develop over the next decade? How will network-based interaction influence the transformation of existing approaches to the partnership between business and education? What influence will companies have on the content and format of educational programmes?

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