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Telemedicine. How will digital technology change the face of healthcare systems in African countries?
23 October 2019
Reducing the disease burden in African countries and preventing the economies of those countries from lagging behind global indicators can be done through the establishment of effective healthcare systems. Such systems should be able to face current challenges and ensure that the population is healthy and fit to work. Following the implementation of international and national programmes aimed at combating infectious disease in the region, there have been increasing calls to combat heart-related diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Poorly developed healthcare infrastructure in many countries means that healthcare cannot be fully administered in rural, remote and hard-to-reach areas. The lack of qualified medical personnel further hinders timely diagnosis and treatment. One way of solving these problems is through the use of telemedical solutions and technology, along with fixed and portable equipment which harnesses artificial intelligence technology.

Will the transition to digital healthcare be able to substantially reduce the disease burden in African countries? Which of the most promising Russian telemedical solutions and artificial intelligence products in the healthcare sector can help the African region? What effect might the implementation of modern fixed and portable telemedicine equipment have?
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