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Entrepreneurship in Technology Forming the Future Economy
26 May 2018

In an age of cross-border educational and economic opportunities, young professionals are not limited in their choice of country for developing a technology business, enabled primarily by the ubiquitous proliferation of the internet and the opportunities it provides to assemble international teams of specialists. Business development infrastructure supporting high-tech innovation is both a sign of prestige for an economy, and one of the key factors influencing the decisions of entrepreneurs who are creating products in response to demand and technological progress. Projects with great scientific potential often do not reach the commercial stage if there is no advanced culture of creating technology businesses, and projects do not get past the prototype stage. This means that companies are not testing products and therefore cannot substantiate their value and practical application. It is vital to reverse this trend to avoid any intensification of technological backwardness, as business leads progress around the world. Is Russia prepared for accelerated scientific and technological developments and global leadership in attracting international teams interested in working in Russia and for Russia? What steps should the state and business community take?

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