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Talent in the Russian Far East: To Import or Nurture?
7 September 2017

The effectiveness of talent management is today taking on an ever greater significance for the global competitiveness of a country. In Russia, a range of strategic programs are being implemented to develop talent for participation in efforts to upgrade the country’s scientific and technological base, launching businesses on new markets, and the digital economy. The Russian Far East should not remain on the sidelines as solutions to these challenges are put into effect, and has its own part to play in Russia’s national strategy. The Russian Far East is a territory of great challenges. The very opportunity created by these for self-realization in difficult circumstances could become the ‘business card’ used by the region to attract talent. What role could the Russian Far East play in Russia’s national talent management strategy? Which of the challenges posed by the Russian Far East are on a grand enough scale to attract Russia’s most talented young people? In what way should the Russian Far East participate in global competition for talent?

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