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Same As Everyone Else. Why Is The Professional Inclusion Of Persons With Disabilities Important And How Can It Be Done?
15 February 2019
Creating an inclusive environment is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion on the state social policy agenda. Priority challenges include developing infrastructure that is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, creating an effective, integrated rehabilitation and adaptation system, and putting in place conditions to help people with disabilities to live full lives, including with respect to education, employment, and participation in cultural, sporting, and civic life. Introducing mechanisms to help people with disabilities access vocational training and employment could make a significant contribution to their economic and social integration: mastering a vocation, taking their place within the workforce, and earning a wage can help people with disabilities to overcome psychological barriers and feel valued as fully-fledged citizens. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, no more than 15% of disabled people over the age of 18 are presently in employment. Against this background, initiatives aimed at developing vocational skills and creating jobs for people with disabilities, such as the Abilympics, are becoming particularly important.
• What is being done today, in Russia and globally, to improve access to employment for people with disabilities?
• How can effective partnerships be established between the government, business, and specialized non-profits to address issues in this area?
• How are Abilympics competitions — especially in the regions — helping to tackle the challenges involved in socializing people with disabilities encouraging them to adopt an active lifestyle?
• What possible directions for the future development of the Abilympics would make it possible to ensure the larger-scale involvement of people with disabilities in the economy?
Started at
Conference hall
Social impact lounge, 2nd floor, exhibition pavilion 2
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