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Strategic Vectors of Healthcare Development in the Russian Far East
2 September 2016

The Russian Far East needs to attract people from elsewhere in Russia if it is to enjoy rapid growth. Social security, and above all healthcare, are major factors when choosing a place to live in Russia. In this context, the Far Eastern Federal District needs to provide high-quality accessible healthcare in spite of its limited resources. This will only be possible with a new perspective on healthcare development in the region, taking account of the geographical circumstances, the financial limitations and the proximity of the Asian markets. The key issues to discuss will include how to organize primary care and ensure accessibility even in remote regions. Another important topic is the possibility of attracting private firms to provide primary healthcare services and of making use of the latest advances in telehealth, following the examples of Australia and Canada. There will be a separate discussion of funding the primary sector with the aim of attracting private firms. Collaboration with leading clinics in Asian countries, including through public-private partnerships, may bring new opportunities for developing high-tech healthcare in the inpatient sector. Ensuring optimum population coverage and managing patient flows and working on pricing to ensure high-quality inpatient care are important challenges in terms of developing this area. Managing emergency care is a separate issue and requires rethinking approaches to implementing inter-regional healthcare projects — an area in which a number of regions have positive experience.

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