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Growing Old Meaningfully: The Development Of Active Ageing In The Regions
14 February 2019
Demographic trends and social policy priorities in the Russian Federation are making the implementation of active ageing concepts an increasingly urgent priority. By introducing the older generation of today to healthy and active lifestyles, to creative and social self-fulfilment, and to financial and legal literacy, we will not only address the needs of modern society, but also lay the foundations for future harmonious development and for safeguarding economic and social engagement among the public. Within this context, it is essential to identify the most effective ways to facilitate the development of an active lifestyle among the older generation, including those already tried and tested through pilot projects, and to put in place the conditions for these to be rolled out throughout Russia.
• Initial results of pilot active ageing projects
• What plans are being made regionally to support the Older Generation programme, and what are the opinions of government bodies, non-profits, and experts?
• How can we ensure that effective active ageing practices are shared between the regions?
Russian Investment Forum
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Conference hall
Social impact lounge, 2nd floor, exhibition pavilion 2
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