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Woman and Leader: The Concept of Balance
5 June 2019
According to research carried out by leading consulting companies and data from the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a modern woman in a leadership position is well-educated (40% of women in this position have two or more degrees), has at least one child, does not neglect her family, and manages to find time for personal development and active leisure activities like sports and travel. Furthermore, 60% of women in leadership positions do not intend to rest on their laurels, choosing rather to seek further career growth.
The need always to be in touch and in the spotlight and a blurring of the boundaries between private and business life make up the realities of the world in which a woman must climb the ladder. Ambitious plans require that a woman in leadership possess not only outstanding business and emotional qualities but also the ability to skilfully juggle work, personal life, childrearing, and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. The art of achieving this balance is in itself a special skill that every successful woman must have.
‒ Is the 24/7 operating mode an achievement or a problem?
‒ Is it actually a problem when a person is willing to erase the boundaries between private life and business, thus influencing the resulting circle of friends, values, etc.?
‒ Nowadays it is customary to plan one’s future for years to come, but how can one combine this tendency with the principle of ‘living here and now’?
‒ Lifelong learning is almost an accepted standard. Where is the balance between self-development and business?
‒ How can one achieve a balance between internal and external life? How to reflect and understand oneself?
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Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
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