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Social Communications of Business as a Driving Force for Positive Social Change
7 June 2019
Sustainable development has taken over from digitalization as the latest global trend. Generation Z — the most responsible generation in history — is emerging from the wings. This group is exerting a positive kind of pressure on companies around the world, voting with their wallets for brands which reflect their own views and values. People in Russia are similarly worried about economic and social threats, and believe that positive change is essential. However, the number of those who are willing to donate something to help enact these changes is only around a third of what it is in Western countries. This has meant that there is a new and important impetus in Russia for companies and brands to lead the process of sustainable transformation. It is their role to spearhead structural change and inspire, and to bring the customer with them as they do so, thereby encouraging individuals to think and act in favour of positive change.
‒ How does a brand identify and determine their aims, and effectively incorporate them into their long-term business and marketing strategies?
‒ How can one overcome the scepticism of those who do not believe in the possibility of change?
‒ How can one learn to harness the power of brand communication and lead people?
‒ How can one change the world and earn more?
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Pavilion G, Innovation Space
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