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Generational Change and New Technologies: What Will Philanthropy Look Like in the Future
7 June 2019
Aleksandra Boldyreva
Executive Director, Donors Forum Association
Speakers and experts
Roman Avdeev
Founder, Charitable Foundation “Arifmetika Dobra”
Sergey Golubev
Chief Executive Officer, Social Investment Fund
Anton Dolgov
Executive Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Andrey Klimenko
Head of Direction of Directorate for Government Relations and Charity Activity, EvrazHolding
Maria Morozova
General Director, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation; Head of the section "Senior Generation", Council of the Government of the Russian Federation on the Issues of Guardianship in the Social Sphere
Fatima Mukhomedzhan
Deputy Director, The Art, Science and Sports Charity Foundation
Ekaterina Shergova
Director, Member of the Management Board, "Gift of Life" Charity Foundation
Anna Yanchevskaya
President and Chairman of the Management Board, Sistema Charitable Foundation