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Generational Change and New Technologies: What Will Philanthropy Look Like in the Future
7 June 2019
Charitable organizations and their projects are attracting new resources and the attention of the authorities, media, businesses, and ordinary citizens and turning into a driver of social change. The demands made of funds, the professionalism of specialists employed in this field, and the level of self-regulation within the sector are increasing. In addition, the emergence of PhilTech — a separate branch of information technology used in philanthropy and to solve social problems — indicates that charity has firmly entered the era of digitalization.
‒ Are all participants of the sector ready for these changes?
‒ What opportunities and risks do information technologies create for the charity community?
‒ How do philanthropists themselves see the future of Russian philanthropy?
‒ How can one promote the development of charity in a positive way?
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
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