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Coordinating Efforts: State, Business, Private Foundations, and NGOs for Children in Need of Help
7 June 2019
Modern collaboration requires changes in the usual patterns employed for organizing childcare in various difficult life situations. There has been a significant shift in institutional activities in terms of protecting the interests of children. National projects today move towards more effective help for children. Best practices accumulated by both private and public structures possess great potential for broadcasting. A transformation in the role of the state in social support for children, subsidizing of programmes and projects, resource cooperation, and pooling of efforts will all bring overall improvement in everyone’s best interests.
‒ What factors will determine the success of collaborative efforts between the state and private sector?
‒ What will serve as the basis for a partnership in children’s best interests?
‒ What measures will advance the joint agenda in the near future?
‒ What could be the most effective models and formats for cooperation between sectors?
‒ Digital models of joint activities: pros and cons
‒ What future awaits us — a portrait of success
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
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