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How Volunteers Can Help Save Lives: Expanding Bone Marrow Donations in Russia and Throughout the World
7 June 2019
Making 2019 the year of the volunteer in Russia has improved the image of the volunteer movement and contributed to growth in the number of volunteers working in the country. However, the end goal is to make volunteering an integral part of the life of every person. A traditional part of volunteering that needs to be popularized is donation, including bone marrow donation, which, according to expert estimates, requires at least 500,000 responsible volunteers. The help of strangers ready to become donors brings the hope of recovery the sick and suffering. That is why it is important that the donor movement unite efforts with the authorities, the professional community, public organizations, the media, and business.
‒ What is the current situation in the country in regards to bone marrow donation? What are the objectives of the Ministry of Health?
‒ What organizational and ethical aspects exist in the development of donor volunteering?
‒ What are the prospects for creating a bone marrow donor movement in Russia and the role of community organizations, businesses, and the media in the development of bone marrow donation?
‒ How can we put international experience to use in attracting bone marrow donors and working with volunteers?
‒ How are transplant centres developing in Russia?
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
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