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Innovation, Education, and Social Investment as Tools for the Development of a Sustainable Future
6 June 2019
The topic of a sustainable future is beginning to unite one and all: government, business, the non-profit sector, and society as a whole. The development of a sustainable future cannot occur without investment in innovation, the social sphere and society, and education. Global trends associated with breakthrough technologies and digitalization are leading to radical changes in processes everywhere. Societal development and improvements in welfare and ecology are central themes among the strategies championed by states and organizations. And education is the tie that binds them: without the involvement of society, education, and the enlightenment of the next generation, it is impossible to effectively build the future.
‒ What role is played by innovative development and investment in high technologies in building a sustainable future?
‒ What is the relationship between innovation and social issues? Why is the future impossible without investing in social needs and protecting the environment?
‒ How will education help create an inclusive, sustainable future for people and the planet?
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
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