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Reading in the Digital Age: How to Create a Generation of Successful People
6 June 2019
In the age of global digitalization, the issue of intellectual and spiritual development becomes a guarantee of not only the personal growth of an individual but also a criterion for the success of a country. Technology should serve people and be managed by them. How should one help a child develop, how should we improve an adult’s qualifications, and what can seniors learn?
‒ What role does reading play in a person’s development and emotional and social intelligence?
‒ What formats stand up to a regular book?
‒ How can one provide access to the latest technology to every resident of every region in the country?

Within the session, the sides will sign a three-party agreement on opening a ’project office’ for the development of culture and education in Russian regions.
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
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