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Engagement in Entrepreneurship: On the Road to Success
5 June 2019

Russia has significant potential for growth in the SME sector. This potential can be realized by promoting entrepreneurial activity and encouraging the public to become more active in this sphere. Entrepreneurial activity is becoming increasingly important to both the economy and social development. Engagement in small enterprise and the formation of a positive view of entrepreneurship, both as a profession and as a creative force, are important parts of the new government policy on business and entrepreneurship. This session will discuss effective entrepreneurship development and engagement instruments that can be used in the country as a whole and in individual regions, as well as regional instruments and mechanisms for promoting entrepreneurship from the point of view of businesses themselves. Regions play an important role in implementing the federal project to promote entrepreneurship. A systematic, comprehensive approach to promoting entrepreneurship based on best practices must be implemented. Therein lies the key to a rapid positive result. What measures can be taken to increase the attractiveness of business? What steps are regions already taking and what has their effect been? How can the country increase the education and awareness levels of entrepreneurs and simplify beginner entrepreneurs’ access to initial capital? Can international experiences in increasing engagement in entrepreneurship be applied to Russia’s situation?

Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum (SME Forum)
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