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History of Business Breakthroughs: Life Hacks by Pre-revolutionary Entrepreneurs
5 June 2019
Business solutions and life hacks of pre-revolutionary entrepreneurs have made a huge contribution to the growth of the economy, industry and agriculture, as well as science, education, culture and the social sphere, and are an under-tapped resource for business in Russia today. Participants of this session will share their experience that cannot be found in business textbooks and offer inspiring creative solutions based on their own business.
Key topics to be addressed in the session:
• The federal project ‘Promotion of Entrepreneurship’ offers a fundamentally different view of an entrepreneur as demonstrated by the legacy of outstanding Russian businessmen.
• What contribution did pre-revolutionary entrepreneurs make to Russia’s development? New industries, export products, innovations and start-ups: facts and figures.
• Business success based on Russian historical experience: is it possible? Life hacks from pre-revolutionary entrepreneurs in Russia: descendants of entrepreneurs reveal business secrets of their outstanding predecessors.
Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum (SME Forum)
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G6
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