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Foresight 2036
5 June 2019

A study by the sociological research centre, NAFI, reveals that the image of the entrepreneur is undergoing a transformation in the minds of modern Russians, from someone associated with cut-throat capitalism, shuttle traders and crime to an educated, enterprising person who earns his living through honest work. He is successful, enjoys freedom of choice, and loves his work, which enables him to be independent, and the business gives his family a stable income. In the minds of most of the population, an entrepreneur is, above all, a clever, goal-oriented person, independent and dynamic, and a risk-taker. Ambition and entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to develop and achieve more, are usually seen as important features of the businessman’s character. In order to achieve excellent results, entrepreneurs often sacrifice all their free time. A wide-ranging education in different fields, which for entrepreneurs often means not just in a standard university, helps them to immerse themselves in all operational business processes and fine-tune their work. What kinds of skills and education will entrepreneurs need in 10–20 years’ time? Participants in the Foresight 2036 session will attempt to construct a comprehensive image of the entrepreneur of the future.

Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum (SME Forum)
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