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Steps to Accelerate Export
5 June 2019

An export accelerator is an integrated system comprised of educational, financial and non-financial measures aimed at supporting and accelerating export related activities of companies, including those with no previous export experience. The determination to increase Russian non-commodity and non-energy exports to 250 billion US dollars with the share of SMEs in non-energy exports reaching 10% is based not only on the ambitious goals set by the policy makers, but also on the experience of other countries in promoting their exports. Ability to compete in global markets requires effective state support measures, which are specifically tailored for the particular group of export products, size of exporting company, geography of supplies and many other factors. Export acceleration programmes under development take into account cases and real-life experience of leading international experts in the field, which will provide participants of the programme knowledge of the beginning-to-end cycle of a company, training in export related skills and concluding export contracts. An accelerator offers a tailored solution to each participant of the programme, providing a multi-pronged approach to meet their particular needs.

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