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What are the Key Barriers and Bottlenecks for Small Business to Access Financial Markets? Open Debate
5 June 2019
Pavel Samiyev
Editor-in-Chief, Financial Sphere Section of Bankovskoye Obozreniye Magazine
Dmitry Golovanov
Chairman of the Board, SME Bank
Mikhail Mamuta
Head of Service for Protection of Consumer Rights and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services, Member of the Board of Directors, Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Speakers and experts
Sergey Bekrenev
President, European Legal Service
Marina Bludyan
First Vice President, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses OPORA RUSSIA
Arseniy Poyarkov
President, BusinessDrom
Ruslan Yalovenko
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rus Agro-Industrial Complex
Konstantin Basmanov
Head of Small and Medium Enterprises Unit, Promsvyazbank PJSC
Konstantin Bobrov
Dmitry Peshnev-Podolsky
Chairman of the Executive Board, BCS Bank
Anastasiya Sergeyeva
Deputy Executive Director, Fund of Small Business Credit Assistance of Moscow
Alexander Chernoshchekin
Advisor to the President and Chairman of the Board, Sviaz-Bank
Victoria Kuznetsova
Member of the Board, Deputy General Director, Russian Small and Medium Business Corporation