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Outsourcing as a Form of Public–Private Partnership
5 June 2019
The growth of outsourcing in services and business processes has created a sizable niche for SMEs. While outsourcing of accounting, IT, consulting and other services is well-established by now, it has a great potential in healthcare, housing and communal services, logistics, construction, hotel and restaurant business and in many other sectors. Expansion in procurement, which is accessible to SMEs, allows businesses to provide operational and other support not only to other companies but also to government-funded organizations. The ultimate goal of outsourcing is to increase business efficiency and to free-up financial and human capital for investment in new areas of business. Outsourcing is also widely recognized tools to boost labour productivity.
Key topics to be addressed in the session are:
• The experience of regions in outsourcing of municipal services to SMEs
• Is outsourcing a useful tool and what are the risks for the state and business to lose control in the process?
• Who is most threatened by the outsourcing and who benefits most?
• Should outsourcing in Russia be actively promoted or left to a natural growth?
Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum (SME Forum)
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G2
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