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A Strategy for Coupling the Greater Eurasian Partnership With the Belt and Road Initiative: The Search for Solutions
5 June 2019
This roundtable will focus on ways to build the Greater Eurasian Partnership and the strategic priorities of associated institutions. The potential to couple this partnership with the Belt and Road Initiative will be examined, with the view to achieving sustainable growth based on dialogue and partnership between Eurasia’s leading powers. Topics for discussion will include the following:
• Conceptual proposals for the development of the Greater Eurasian Partnership
• A collective scientific report on the strategy for establishing the Greater Eurasian Partnership and coupling it with the Belt and Road Initiative
• Prospects and issues related to collaboration between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Belt and Road Initiative as they pertain to Russia and China
• A range of reports on related key focal points and Russian—Chinese partnership
Started at
Conference hall
Congress Centre, Conference Hall B2
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