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OECD Standards on Responsible Conduct for Development Institutions
8 June 2019
Today development institutions play a significant role in the global economy and international development. Projects of development institutions are exposed to traditional financial risks and non-financial risks associated with social, environmental aspects. Meanwhile, projects with embedded standards of responsible business conduct (RBC) are less likely to bring «surprises» for the investor. Responsible project financing is not only a factor in reducing costs but also a factor of investment attractiveness. The investment portfolio where there are demands for responsible behavior shows a return of 16.8% higher than the average global fund returns (MSCI World Index). At the session, the participants will discuss the current approach of different development institutions to RBC standards and possible ways to harmonize it and make it more efficient.
Objectives of the event:
1. To determine the effectiveness of responsible business conduct standards for VEB and other development institutions. How they make an impact on the sustainability of projects, investment attraction, export.
2. How can development institutions work together on RBC standards development?
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, 39, Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa
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