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Healthy Regions: Projects and Best Practices
6 June 2019

According to WHO estimates, people’s health is 50–55% dependent on their lifestyle, 20% on the environment, 18–20% on genetic predisposition, and only 8–10% on healthcare. Despite such a limited impact by the healthcare system, it’s difficult to overestimate the potential role of the regional authorities. It’s not only a matter of improving healthcare, but also environmental issues and the availability of recreational areas, sports facilities, and information campaigns that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle. Big business could be another important player in this regard by not only implementing internal corporate employee healthcare programmes, but also external social initiatives to inform the public about ways to fully transition to a new level of well-being and health. Creating infrastructure for a healthy society offers great prospects for small and medium-sized businesses, which now have the opportunity to fill a niche in the production of farm products, organic cosmetics, simulators, biodegradable packaging, reusable utensils, and much more. How can the regional authorities support breakthrough business ideas? How might it be possible to increase life expectancy in the regions in the future through the joint efforts of activists, business, and the government?

Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion G, ‘Healthy Life’ Area