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Industrial Policy of the Metropolis
7 June 2019
The modern industrial policy of a metropolis consists of a broad concept that goes beyond the strategy of improving the competitiveness of individual companies and sectors.
The government views creation and support of specialized industrial infrastructure in a metropolis as the main catalyst of a city, which enables enterprises and people to acquire new opportunities to accelerate growth and socioeconomic development. In addition to expanding the capabilities of the innovative technological ecosystem through a number of targeted strategic initiatives and a standard set of benefits, special economic zones and technology parks need to take into account the importance of such factors as the availability of the required engineering infrastructure, a potential sales market, raw materials, labour resources and logistics. How do you create the largest research base in a city and transform the results of innovative research into advanced market products and solutions? How do you ensure success in commercializing the innovations of partner companies and developing their markets locally and internationally? What measures should be taken to attract high-level specialists and provide a comfortable environment to work and live in?

Discussion topics:
— Industrial growth strategy. Enhancing competitiveness and promoting innovation through industrial policy
— Sustainable urban development and economic performance. Are benefits a form of lost profit or tax revenue from investments attracted in the future?
— Industry specialization and manufacturing formats in metropolises
— The role of industrial infrastructure in solving social problems
— Infrastructure solutions and the legal framework. What can help ensure the inflow of investors and capital?
— Business expectations and demand. What requirements do residents have?
— Development of urban industrial sites and special economic zones. Global trends
Started at
Conference hall
Pavilion H, Presentation Area
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