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Export Potential of Russian Pharmaceuticals: In Search of Growth Points
7 June 2019
The main tasks of the Strategy for development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030 (Pharma 2030) include increasing exports of pharmaceutical products. According to forecasts by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, by 2030, exports of Russia-made pharma products could demonstrate a five-fold growth if state support measures are implemented. Which support measures are needed to reach the set goal? What is hampering exports of Russian medicines? How can the state support the domestic producer? What else do Russian manufacturers need to grow their export potential?

Discussion topics:
— Barriers to export of Russian pharmaceuticals
— Differences in other countries’ regulatory requirements for registering medicines and launching their sale on the consumer market
— Range of medicines and priority sales markets for Russian medicines
— Administrative and/or financial support measures by the state
— Prospects for alliances of domestic producers with international pharma companies for joint promotion on overseas markets
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