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Discovering Harmony With the Planet and Understanding Global Trends in Ecotourism
6 June 2019
Maria Morgun
Chief Editor, Live Planet TV; Anchor, Correspondent, FSUE "All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" (FSUE "VGTRK")
Speakers and experts
Sergey Aramilev
General Director, Amur Tiger Centre Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
Dmitry Artukhov
Governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area
Andrea D’Amico
Vice President, Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), B.V.
Zarina Doguzova
Head, Russian Federal Agency for Tourism
Aleksey Kudryavtsev
Director, Bikin National Park
Konstantin Chuychenko
Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Dmitriev
General Director, Kalashnikov Concern
Olga Zakharova
Deputy General Director, Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects
Yelena Krivenkova
Chair of the Tourism Committee, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Nikolai Legkodimov
Partner, Head of Emerging Technologies in Risk Consulting, KPMG in Russia and the CIS
Nikolay Moroz
Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield
Ruslan Novikov
General Director of Argumenty I Facty Ltd
Khasan Timizhev
General Director, Northern Caucasus Resorts
Anna Tsivileva
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kolmar Group
Vyacheslav Shcherbakov
Director, Stolby Nature Reserve