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Up and Up: Preparing Leaders That Don't Just Change the World, But Make It Better
8 June 2019

Currently, one of the key goals of socioeconomic development is fostering human capital capable of making effective and targeted economic and technological breakthroughs. In today’s unstable environment, which shifts rapidly between development trends, there is demand for all levels of specialists with diverse competencies, capable of applying their skills under new conditions and in unanticipated situations. At the same time, a separate challenge is developing human capital in such a way that people not only have the mental skills and training to solve professional problems, but are also capable of taking responsibility for global development — of anticipating challenges, evaluating risks, and making decisions focused not on local achievements, but on long-term effects, taking humanitarian aspects into account. What is a ‘social elevator’? How effective are ‘social elevator’ models in Russia and abroad? How is Russia becoming a ‘land of opportunity’? What is global responsibility and how can it be included in management models? Thought leaders from the cradle: when should we start preparing tomorrow’s professionals?

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Pavilion G, conference hall G8