non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Digital Subsoil Use
6 June 2019
Sergey Gorkov
General Director, Chairman of the management Board of Rosgeologia»
Speakers and experts
Pavel Grachev
Chief Executive Officer, Polyus
Hemant Kanoria
Chairman, Managing Director, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited
Artem Karapetov
Vice President, Schlumberger in Russia and Central Asia
Dmitry Kobylkin
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Litvinenko
Rector, Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Alexander Sergeev
Head of Analytical Group of Executive Office of the Commission on Fuel and Energy Complex and Environmental Safety Development Strategy, Presidential Executive Office
Pavel Sorokin
Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Alexey Vashkevich
Head, Geological Exploration and Resource Base Development Directorate, Gazprom Neft
Kirill Molodtsov
Aide to the Chief of Staff, Presidential Executive Office