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Technology and Leadership in Digital Retail
7 June 2019

A significant technological shift is taking place in global retail markets where international giants such as Amazon and Alibaba are transforming the industry and becoming leading players in fields that are unrelated to retail trade. Traditional retailers around the world are being forced to carve out their own paths and solutions to remain competitive and rival these global giants. Russian retail is also changing rapidly, following global trends, and the country has become a global leader in terms of the growth of online shopping, while consumers are taking up the expanded use of digital technologies in shops. As a regulator, the state plays a crucial role in stimulating the development of new technologies — creating favourable infrastructure as well as tax and regulatory frameworks to ensure effectiveness. What is the future of retail given the current global trends? What steps are retailers in developed and developing markets taking to counter the growing dominance of major online players and adapt their own business models to the rapidly changing behaviour of consumers? How could the Russian digital retail industry create an ecosystem that can compete with global players? What measures is the government taking to improve the effectiveness of the retail market?

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