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Digital Transformation of the Economy: International and Russian Experience in Digitizing the Transport Sector
8 June 2019

Digital transformation serves as a driver of the scientific and technological development of Russia’s economy, laying the ground for its leadership in the global technological arena. The digitalization of Russia’s transport sector, which forms a key element of the international transport corridors connecting Europe and Asia, is one of the priority tasks set by the government in order to enhance the competitiveness of the economy and transit potential in particular. The introduction and scaling up of breakthrough, end-to-end technologies in the transport and logistics sector, including the use of artificial intelligence, will ensure Russia’s leading position in the global market in the near future. What government support mechanisms are needed to stimulate the digital transformation of the transport and logistics sector and what are the key trends in the sector? What international and Russian digitalization practices in the transport sector have been most successful? How can the application of end-to-end technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in transport and logistics supply chains enhance the country’s transit capacity? How can innovative digital solutions be adapted to the existing infrastructure?

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