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Awards Ceremony for the Winners of the 16th ‘My Country – My Russia’ National Contest
8 June 2019

The ‘My Country — My Russia’ contest was first held in 2003. In 2019, it was included in the ‘Russia, Land of Opportunity’ platform, set up upon the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The competition is known throughout the country. Over the past 16 years, it has involved more than 90,000 people with projects aimed at developing Russia’s regions and local communities. This is a truly effective, positive and open civic initiative aimed at creating conditions for formation of civic identity among the younger generation and taking up active and responsible roles in addressing local problems of socioeconomic development faced by various territories (Russian cities and villages) and strengthening Russia’s state unity and integrity. In November 2016, the Alumni Association of the ‘My Country — My Russia’ Contest was established. The project is being developed at the conjunction of three main components: youth policy, education, and civic participation in the socioeconomic development of the Russian regions.

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