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Creation of Regional Ecosystems for the Formation of National Technological Leaders
8 June 2019

The technology gap is often declared to be the main enemy of the Russian economy. Bridging technology gap requires addressing a number of issues simultaneously including technological renewal, digital transformation and penetration of new markets, export of products and technologies. These problems cannot be resolved without implementing fundamentally new, comprehensive educational and human capital policies for the next generation of engineers, inventors and technological entrepreneurs, who are the future leaders of technological development of Russia. Simultaneous to new policies businesses and the government should take a proactive stance towards talented young people. What should be done to support the next generation of scientific and technological leaders capable of providing technological breakthroughs in Russia? How can the war for talent be won as it relates to knowledgeable engineers and designers? How can effective conditions be created to apply public sector investment in talent for major technology corporations and industry? What mechanisms of efficient interaction between business and government are available to attracting young generation to high-tech sectors of the economy? Are there any legal barriers to implementing federal and regional innovation projects in the field of human resources policy? How could conditions conducive to effective implementation of new ideas, inventions and projects in Russia be created?

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