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The Role of Health Insurance Organizations in Delivering Obligatory Health Insurance Systems
6 June 2019
Evelina Zakamskaya
Editor-in-Chief, Doctor Channel; Anchor, Russia 24
Speakers and experts
Yury Voronin
Chief Financial Commissioner for Consumer Rights, Financial Ombudsman Administration
Tatyana Golikova
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Nadezhda Grishina
General Director, Capital Medical Insurance
Andrey Ryzhakov
General Director, Alfastrakhovanie-OMS
Vladimir Chistyukhin
Deputy Governor, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
Igor Yurgens
President, All-Russian Insurance Association
Oksana Drabkina
Chief Specialist in Internal Medicine, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Alexey Reshetnikov
Director, Rostov Region Compulsory Health Insurance Territorial Fund
Vladimir Zelensky
Director, Moscow Compulsory Health Insurance Territorial Fund
Natalya Khorova
Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
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