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The Role of Health Insurance Organizations in Delivering Obligatory Health Insurance Systems
6 June 2019
Over 146 million people are covered by obligatory health insurance in Russia, and their interests are represented by 35 health insurance organizations. With a further increase of the resources of the health insurance system combined with the allocation of additional funding for cancer treatment, both the role of health insurance organizations and their approach to engagement with insured people is changing. A range of relevant measures will be implemented over the next six years under the national project ‘Healthcare’. How can insurers and the insured be brought closer together? How can the rights of the patients be best protected? What are the possible avenues for further development of obligatory health insurance systems and the participation of health insurance organizations? What mechanisms of control and qualitative assessment of healthcare could prevent violations of patients’ rights when receiving medical care? How should interaction between health insurance organizations and other participants of the obligatory health insurance system be organized?

Presentation of the Alexander Pochinok National Contest for Regional Social Development Programmes
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