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Self-Regulation vs. State Control. How to Stimulate the Consumption of Legal Content?
7 June 2019
Igor Poletaev
Anchor, NTV Channel
Speakers and experts
Gregory Abovsky
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Yandex
Koh Jean
President, Korea Mobile Internet Business Association (MOIBA)
Alexander Zharov
Head, Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor)
Alexey Krasnov
Deputy General Director, Gazprom-Media Holding
Vyacheslav Murugov
General Director, CTC Media
Oleg Tumanov
Chief Executive Officer,
Konstantin Ernst
General Director, Channel One Russia
Ilya Sachkov
Founder, General Director, Group-IB
Leonid Agronov
Head, National Federation of the Music Industry (NFMI)
Mikhail Demin
President, Media Communication Union (MKS)
Ekaterina Lapshina
Member of the Management Committee, Rambler Group; Independent Member of the Board of Directors, RT-Business Development
Vyacheslav Nikolaev
Member of the Management Board, Vice President for Marketing, MTS
Sergey Selyanov
Chairman of Board, Association of Film and Television Producers (AFTP); Head, STV Film Company