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Challenges and opportunities for business in Russian–European relations today – and in the future
6 June 2019

Business continues to function and achieve results despite the complicated political relations between Russia and the European Union. Economic cooperation between Russia and Europe has great potential given the geographic, historic, and cultural prerequisites. Rapid technological developments, the opening up of new markets, and business opportunities provide additional stimulus. European manufacturers maintain faith in the Russian market; they are expanding their investments in Russia, and searching for new collaborative solutions in partnership with Russian enterprises. Meanwhile Russian companies are actively strengthening their export capabilities. How can European and Russian companies best overcome the obstacles they face? What strategies have proven to be the most effective and how do companies view their future prospects? What practical areas of cooperation between Russia and the EU can compensate for the crises in relations between two partners united by a common continent, historic and cultural proximity, and tried-and-tested economic ties? Could cooperation in education and science, research and innovation, and new technologies act as a driver for positive change?

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