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Russia in the Caspian Region: International Trade Prospects
8 June 2019

The Caspian region shows great potential for successful social economic growth. The Caspian Sea, with its rich natural resources and strategic position between the Caspian territories and the Persian Gulf, provides rich opportunities for regional development. Though the global sea trade continues to grow, the potential for cooperation in the Caspian region is not being utilized to its fullest potential, as the volume of cargo flowing through Russian ports decreases each year. Potential solutions include attracting Iran to the free trade zone, developing maritime cooperation with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, and ensuring transit through those territories to the countries of the Persian Gulf and Asia. By increasing the cargo turnover through the Caspian Sea, Russia will boost its competitiveness, strengthen its geopolitical and political presence in the Caspian region, and develop sustainable economic and cultural ties with the Caspian states. What are the prospects for increasing the cargo flow through the Russian Caspian region? Is it possible to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial transport and logistics corridor with the other Caspian states? What are the prospects for passenger transport development in the Caspian region?

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