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6 June 2019

Cooperation between Russia and France is developing in different ways, while active dialogue across all platforms is giving it an extra boost. The Trianon Dialogue was established by civil societies, under the patronage of the presidents of Russia and France. Business associations from both countries are now engaging with one another, while digital collaboration is gaining momentum. As part of the France—Russia business dialogue at SPIEF 2018, a Memorandum of Cooperation on future industry was signed. It posed the following questions: Which courses of economic and investment cooperation are most promising? What could give a boost to the implementation joint projects in new industries? Similarly, what could boost the development of partnerships with the aim of mastering new revolutionary forms of technology? How can we work together to ensure that these new forms of technology work for society and therefore help businesses to increase efficiencies and remain competitive in changing conditions?

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Conference hall
Congress Centre, conference hall D3
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