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major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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7 June 2019
Charles Robertson
Global Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital
Speakers and experts
Amani Abou-Zeid
Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union Commission
Mikhail Bogdanov
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa
Tatyana Valovaya
Member of the Board – Minister in Charge of Integration and Macroeconomics, Eurasian Economic Commission
Daniel Kablan Duncan
Vice President of the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire
Dmitry Konyaev
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, URALCHEM JSC
Benedict Okey Oramah
President, Chairman of the Board of Director, The African Export Import Bank
Raila Odinga
Prime Minister of Kenya in 2008–2013
Sylvie Baipo-Temon
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Central Africans Abroad of the Central African Republic
Nikita Gusakov
General Director, EXIAR
Boris Ivanov
Managing Director, GPB Global Resources
Nataliya Zaiser
Chair of the Board, Africa Business Initiative UNION; Executive Secretary, Russian National Committee, World Energy Council (WEC)