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Open Dialogue ‘Technological Entrepreneurship – A Trend for Young People’s Self-Fulfilment. The Price of Leadership and Responsibility’
8 June 2019
Maxim Dreval
Founder, L2P Limited
Speakers and experts
Artem Androsov
Member of the Supreme Council of the Party, United Russia Political Party
Lars Buch
Co-Founder, International Accelerator Network, Startupbootcamp (Digital Health Berlin)
Vladislav Zdorenko
Development Director, PhysTech.Start Accelerator, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Anatoly Zorin
Director, Russian Youth Business Assistance Center
Konstantin Markelov
Vice President, Director of Business Technologies, Tinkoff Bank
Su Jing
Deputy Director, PuE Business Incubator; Director, Shanghai International Centre for the Transfer and Commercialization of Biomedical Technologies
Alexander Yankovsky
Director, Business Incubator, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics