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Open Dialogue ‘Technological Entrepreneurship – A Trend for Young People’s Self-Fulfilment. The Price of Leadership and Responsibility’
8 June 2019

This year Russia has been experiencing a start-up boom as the number of early-stage business projects is growing rapidly, entrepreneurs are becoming idols and benchmarks for hundreds of thousands of young people across Russia and globally, and the scope and volume of venture capital investments is increasing. Globalization as well as access to information and technologies allows us to generate and implement a wide variety of innovative ideas. This helps to improve people’s quality of life, but owning a business entails certain obligations that not all young entrepreneurs can meet. Assessing the risks, responsibility for a business team and customers, the impact of business decisions on regional economy, and social responsibility and many other aspects that should be taken into account are among the issues that will be addressed during the session. The panellists will also have an opportunity to discuss the best ways of coping with business responsibility and where to look for support in the initial stages.

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