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Start-Ups as Catalysts of Transformation in Education
8 June 2019

The existing education systems lag far behind the needs of both society and the market. New, more flexible providers of education services are on the rise to fill the gap. Meanwhile, there are innovations taking place within the formal education systems that aim to meet the challenges of the times and improving practices. Specialists involved in the development of education are split over the three-dimensions of education — education as a service, a common good, and a government policy. Another group of actors in this system is becoming increasingly active — state support institutions, funds, education «greenhouses», and accelerators. How can the education ecosystem evolve and what is the contribution of various actors (teachers, managers, and businessmen)? How can we ensure the integration of new practices into existing educational structures? What support is needed by the start-ups and what kind of projects are investors looking for? Who can serve as an angel investor for education start-ups? Who are the mentors, evangelists, and ambassadors?

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Pavilion G, conference hall G8
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