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Not for the Ladies? How to Combine Business, Family, and Beauty
8 June 2019

Some believe that business is not for women. However, according to a MasterCard survey, 32.6% of women in Russia work in business, placing Russia fourth in the world. Moreover, women make up 72% of the civil service. Today, women are not just homemakers and mothers. The modern woman wants to combine traditional roles and build a career, engage in self-fulfilment, and be a professional and a leader, while remaining feminine and caring for others. Women raise children and take care of the household while running businesses and government agencies. They travel a lot and do business remotely. Some are still in search of a significant other, while some have gone through divorce and remarried. They are not superheroes, but ordinary women, like us. The only difference is that they have a much better idea of how to develop their business and skilfully combine different spheres of life. We will pose typical male questions to female speakers from the business world and business support infrastructure and reveal the secrets of how they manage to successfully engage in self-fulfilment while harmoniously combining their career and personal life.

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