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We Are What We Eat
6 June 2019

We are what we eat. Each person decides on his/her own how to interpret this phrase. A healthy diet means a healthy life as well as a healthy nation — a formula that each government seeks to apply. After all, everyone knows that a person is what he/she consumes, and the population’s longevity greatly depends on the quality of food. Global food producers are not standing still. While some use conventional and consumer-friendly production methods, others are investing in new technologies and manufacturing products in laboratories. Where is the market headed and is everything as clear-cut as it seems in the healthy food industry? What are some of the myths about healthy nutrition today? Do business, government, and consumers have the same understanding of healthy eating? In ‘the battle for a share in the stomach’, how suitable is the structure of consumption at the macro level in terms of a healthy lifestyle? What are the food production trends that are dominating around the world?

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Pavilion G, conference hall G3
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