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The Global Mining Industry: Challenges and Prospects
7 June 2019

The history of extracting and enriching mineral deposits is as old as that of humanity itself. A growing population, urbanization, social and economic development, and even the demand for a green and low-carbon economy are contributing to the growing use of minerals and metals. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, global production of copper amounted to around 500,000 tonnes. Almost 100 years later, it had exceeded 11 million tonnes and in 2018, production almost reached 24 million tonnes. However, satisfying today’s growing demand for these essential materials comes with a range of challenges. Reserves at mines and mineral deposits are dwindling, there is a need to explore and develop new deposits in remote areas, and there are limited resources to extract and enrich commodities, leading to increased costs. All this means that innovations are essential to maintain profitability and ensure the continued production of these resources. What steps are being taken by industry players to effectively explore and develop current and new deposits? How are these solutions impacting companies’ finances, and to what extent are they helping to satisfy growing demand for raw materials and securing sustainable development? What factors will the industry depend on as it continues to evolve?

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