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Flying to Russia: Tourism Industry Development to Boost Welfare
8 June 2019

The appeal of Russia and its regions as a tourist and business travel destination has been growing by the year, and recently held global events have opened up Russia for millions of people. The President of the Russian Federation has stressed the importance of the Russian regions as tourist destinations. Moreover, simplifying visa procedures based on the positive experience of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is under consideration. A new tourism development strategy is necessary to successfully grow export of tourism-related services, which requires both dismantling entry barriers for tourists and creating a unique platform in Russia. How can the existing tourist infrastructure in Russia be improved by drawing on global best practices? What unique events and megaprojects can attract tourists to the country on a regular basis? How could entry be facilitated, including simplifying visa procedures? How could Russia and its regions become a more competitive player in the tourism market?

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