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Creative Economy: Strategies for Promoting High-Tech Exports
7 June 2019

Russia has always been a centre of creative ideas. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Fabergé, and Diaghilev changed the perception of the Russian cultural product forever and paved the way to the global markets for new generations of creators. Today, the products released by creative industries are among the most promising areas of export development. Russian companies are already competing successfully in IT, cinema, animation, engineering, design, and virtual reality. Next come major infrastructural solutions to support the growth of creative economy in Russia: improving the legislature, designing industrial development programmes, introducting creative hubs, technoparks, and virtual special economic zones, launching education platforms — to name a few. What successful development tools and measures to support creative product manufacturers have been applied internationally? How can corporate development strategies and government support measures be combined effectively? How can we create an environment for the successful development and export of creative industries and make Russia an attractive destination for producers?

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