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Investments into the Urban Environment
7 June 2019

We can create visible accomplishments in terms of creating a truly comfortable urban environment only through uniting the resources of the State and the private sector. Notably, the focus lies in equal parts both in financing the projects as well as in the competence provided. The federal government pointed out the high priority of the urban environment’s development and devoted resources to the goal as part of the national project ‘Housing and the Urban Environment’. Active and thorough co-investment from the private sector is required for the maximum usage efficiency of such resources. This would allow both producing more of the comfortable urban environment and managing its development in the most flexible way. Is there a political will among the government towards a structured partnership with private sector for achieving the results in this direction? What are the tools for deposit of the private investments into the urban environment? How do we stimulate the private sector to invest into the city infrastructure? What are the outcomes of the comfortable urban environment for the private sector, the State and the community?

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