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Public–Private Partnerships for Charity
7 June 2019
Elena Milskaya
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, National Center for Missing and Affected Children
Speakers and experts
Galina Karelova
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
Konstantin Malofeev
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, International Agency for Sovereign Development (IASD)
Aleksandr Oleynik
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, Sheremetyevo International Airport
Alexey Rakhmanov
United Shipbuilding Corporation President
Xenia Frank
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation.
Muslim Khuchiev
Chairman of the Government of the Chechen Republic
Yan Yanovskiy
Co-Founder, Friends Charitable Foundation
Anatoliy Erkulov
Deputy General Director, Gazstroyprom
Elena Klochko
Chairman of the Board, All-Russian Organization of Parents of Disabled Children and Disabled Persons over 18 Years Old with Mental and Other Disorders in Need of Representation, an all-Russian public organization
Dmitry Polikanov
President, Con-nection Deaf-Blind Support Foundation; Chair of the Board, Donors Forum
Svetlana Polyakova
Chief Executive Officer, Charitable Foundation "House of Ronald McDonald"; Public Relations Director, McDonald's Russia
Anna Shabarova
Vice President for Human Resources and Social Responsibility, Russian Copper Company; Member of the Board of Trustees, Russian Copper Company Charity Fund
Anna Yanchevskaya
President and Chairman of the Management Board, Sistema Charitable Foundation